What Not To Bring

What To Bring

Shampoo, soap, tooth brush, shaving kit, etc. Cologne is permitted but kept locked up in the office.

Gym shoes and workout clothes.

Swim suit if needed or desired.

Socks and underwear.

Jacket (weather appropriate).

Comfortable casual clothing (laundry facilities available).

Water bottle.

Small day pack.

Prescription medicine as prescribed and in the original containers. Blister packs are preferred (please bring enough medication for your entire stay).

Over-the-counter medication and vitamins in the original packaging.

Debit and/or credit card, should you need them.

Long distance calling card.

We are currently in transition to become a smoke-free facility. However, you are permitted to smoke off property, bringing nicotine gum or other NRT’s (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). *** We have a destinated smoking area.

A printed copy of all relevant telephone numbers and other emergency information that would be helpful. We also require the exact date for your last drink/use.

Bedding is provided, however you can bring your own pillow just as long as it is new.

Personal Health Card and other relevant ID.

Small snacks and drinks are allowed.

What Not To Bring

T-shirts with offensive slogans or that promote alcohol or drugs.

Excessively revealing clothing.

No tank tops are allowing to be worn in the facility.

Mouthwash or other items containing alcohol.

Creatine supplements. Protein supplements are permitted, but please check to ensure that they are free of Creatine.

Cell phones (cell phone chargers), laptops. These are not permitted while you are attending the 28 day program and will be held in the office until graduation.

Music players are permitted but only limited to your own personal time.

No automobiles are permitted. Bicycles are allowed but cannot be stored on grounds.

Incidental Money

You can bring money for other items and outings which we can keep safe for you, however should you choose to keep your valuables with you, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. *Note, borrowing money is not allowed Allergies if you have allergies please bring all information needed.

Reading Material

There is a small library of books and magazines available.  You can bring your own reading material providing that it is recovery related and/or conducive to sobriety.  Most novels are allowed. Important Reminder:  you must not have any scheduled appointments during the treatment process.